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add :Hangzhou city, zhejiang
province, binjiang road sout
-h, number 228
phone :0571-87117111
fox :0571-87117111
Zip code:310052
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Founded in 1987 with the registered capital of 163 million Yuan, Zhejiang Resource Development Group Co., Ltd. is an enterprise directly under Zhejiang Supply and Marketing Cooperative (Xinghe Group). Its business scope is involved in the operation of over twenty types of materials like waste steel, waste stainless steel, cooper scrap, aluminum scrap, waste paper, waste & old household appliances, scraped cars, steel and ores as well as industrial investment. It has set up more than 20 professional subsidiaries, 6 branch offices and 35 sorting and distributing centers of various kinds of renewable resources in the areas with relatively concentrated distribution of renewable resources in and out of the province. In 2011, it has realized the sales revenue of 7.76 billion Yuan, recycled over 1.2 million tons renewable resources and paid total national taxes of 240 million Yuan.    

Our mission is to “turn waste into wealth and turn garbage into resource”. The group company is making active efforts to establish the industrial base of renewable resources, distribution markets, sorting and distributing centers and recycling stations, carry on online waste recycling operation and the integrated operation of recycling and disassembling of scraped cars and waste & old house appliances, profoundly stimulate the construction of renewable resource recycling network system in our province, devote itself to standardizing the operation order of the recycling industry, and increase the comprehensive utilization ratio of resources, thus playing an positive role in developing the circular economy in Zhejiang Province. The group company has the qualification to recycle and disassemble scraped cars and waste & old household appliances and qualification to develop the distribution market of renewable resources, operate waste and old metal and import waste and old materials. It is the Chairman Unit of Zhejiang Resource Recycling Association and ranked as No.28 among the “Top 100 Enterprises” of all China federation of supply and marketing cooperatives system.     

AddCompany Address: No.288, Jiangnan Avenue, Binjiang District, Hangzhou 





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The company address: Hangzhou binjiang jiangnan avenue, number 288 phone:0571-87117111 Zip code:310052 fax: 0571-87117100
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