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Construction of industrial base

    Based on the developmental situation of the renewable resource industry, the characteristics of local economic development in Zhejiang and the dynamic demands of local governments to rectify the market order, enhance the industrial layer and improve urban image, the group has strengthen the cooperation with the authorities in different places, actively promoted the construction of key projects and driven the construction of renewable resource recycling network system in the whole province with the projects. So far, the group has already made investment on four key projects.

Zhejiang Resource Development Group Co., Ltd. – Zhejiang Recycled Plastic Industrial Base Cixi

    The project is located in Cixi City in eastern Zhejiang with a total planned area of over 600 mu. The first stage of the project covers 183 mu, plans to make an investment of 400 million Yuan and builds a trans-regional professional garden which integrates the recycling, sorting, processing, trading, warehousing, logistics and scientific research of waste plastic. The project has been listed by the Commerce Department as one of the second batch of national experimental units of terminal markets for the construction of the renewable resource recycling system, a demonstration base for circular economy in Zhejiang and a key project of “991 Action Plan” in Zhejiang.

Zhejiang Resource Development Group Co., Ltd. –  Western Zhejiang Resource Recycling Base Longyou

    The project is located in Longyou County in west Zhejiang with an area of 200 mu and total planned investment of 220 million Yuan. The comprehensive market, covering an overall floor area of about 140,000m2, is divided into seven major functional segments, i.e. trade of goods, logistics and distribution, exhibition of goods, information service, trade of automobile fittings and nonferrous metal, and commercial district. The project is an experimental base of local large renewable resource recycling selected by the Commerce Department and a key construction project in Zhejiang.

Zhejiang Resource Development Group Co., Ltd. –  Central Zhejiang WEEE recycling Factory Longyou

    The project is located in the development zone in Longyou County, covering an area of 100.5 mu and over 26,000m2 plant area. The base has introduced advance disassembly production line from Taiwan and recycles and disassemble over 1 million waste and old household appliances per year. The base is one of the designated disassembly bases of waste and old household appliances in Zhejiang. By effectively realizing the connection of industrial base with the recycling network, the group carries out the integrated operation of the recycling and disassembly of waste and old household appliances.

Zhejiang Resource Development Group Co., Ltd. – Sorting and Distributing Center Chongxian Hangzhou

    Located in Chongxian Town in the northern part of Hangzhou, the project is one of the four major experimental sorting and distributing centers for the construction of the urban renewable resource recycling system in Hangzhou selected by the Commerce Department, covers an area of about 70 mu, and sets four sorting and distributing centers respectively for scraped cars, waste steel, waste paper and waste plastic.



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